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Let's set this straight- moving house is not fun. I'm so glad it's over but super happy to be in a bigger space without a having to tip toe around or landlord (who lived with us). We're still living in the same area in Singapore as it's convenient for Justin and I to get to work, plus we're paying less for more space!

I honestly don't know how we accumulated so much stuff in such a tiny room. Especially when we came to Singapore with just two suitcases to our name! It's so tempting to go all out and buy tonnes of new homeware and decor, but knowing that we won't be here permanently just makes me think I should hold off until we have a proper house of our own. In the end, we'll just have to sell everything off before we leave so is it really worth the effort y'know? Anywho, enjoy the vlog!

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  1. Lovely. What type of camera do you use? I am moving to Singapore in May and would like to get a nice camera to document the experience.


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