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Over Christmas we decided to take a spontaneous trip to New York City for a the full Christmas experience. This was our first ever time to the United States and I have to say NYC was exactly how we expected it to be. I guess years of watching movies and TV shows based in NYC really gives you an insight into what it really feels like to be there in real life.
We spent a week there which is a nice amount of time to explore, but just expect to be up early every morning to make the most of your days sightseeing and walking literally all day long! After experiencing NYC in winter (perhaps something I wouldn't do again as I'm a summer baby) I'd love to return in summer to see how the city differs and enjoy being outside without dying of hyperthermia!

Staying: Ace Hotel
20 West 29th Street, Chelsea, New York, NY 10001, USA

We spent the entirety of our stay at Ace Hotel located on 29th Street in Chelsea. You can expect to pay more for accommodation in this area as it's NYC's contemporary-art district with an edgy industrial feel. However I'd say it's totally worth the splurge if you want to feel like your living amongst the locals as oppose to stay around heavily touristy spots like Times Square. 

Ace Hotel was the perfect choice for a winter stay, complete with hipster and quirky interiors feel but yet still very cosy. Complete with a fantastic restaurant and spacious lobby for either laptop club or chill time with a coffee!

Grand Central Station
89 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017, USA
Stand and admire the view, as well as rack your brain for the names of the movies you've seen set here! The highlight for us was the unexpected whispering walls which is one of Grand Central Stations secrets. Stand facing one corner of the wall with your friend in the opposite corner and talk into the wall. You can hear each other and it's so bizarre! We had a real giggle doing this and still not sure how it works, but just seeing people talking to a wall really does make you chuckle.

The High Line
 New York, NY 10011, USA
Check out this awesome park built on top a disused Railroad in Manhattan. Theres lots of quirky artwork and sculptures to check out with great views of greenish village area. This is definitely a spot to hit up in summer, to catch the sunset with friends and do some sunbathing!

Top of the Rock
Rockefeller Center, 30 Rockefeller Plaza 
Want amazing views of NYC? This is your spot! Head over as early as possible to avoid crazy queues, and enjoy 360º views 70 floors up! Amazing views of Central Park and Empire State Building and definitely one to tick off your NYC Bucket list! 

St Patricks Cathedral
5th Ave, New York, NY 10022, USA
This was probably the most beautiful Cathedral I've visited so far, and looked even more magical with all the christmas decorations. Located just opposite the Rockafella centre, you can walk over the road and take a look round after visiting the Top of the Rock. 

Central Park
New York, NY 10024, USA
No NYC trip is complete without a trip to Central park now is it? We got to experience the lakes completely frozen over which actually looked really magical with all the frost too. The park itself is totally enormous and it'll take a good few hours if you want to explore the entirety of it so get on your walking shoes with your camera at the ready!

Brooklyn Bridge 
Brooklyn Bridge, New York, NY 10038, USA
We took the Metro to Brooklyn and had a stroll around Dumbo and admired the views of both Manhattan and Brooklyn bridge side by side. We then headed over the Brooklyn bridge by foot back to Manhattan and took in the incredible sights. Definitely one to tick of your NYC bucket list!

9/11 Memorial
180 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10007, USA
As expected, seeing the 9/11 memorial is a pretty emotional experience and I couldn't quite believe the enormity of the site. I was truly shocked to see people taking selfies on the site so just remember to be respectful, and take a visit to the 9/11 Museum located next to the memorial.

Greenwich Village
I'm a huge Sex and the City fan and there was no way I could go to New York without getting my fair share of Sex and the City Feels, and sit on Carries stoop. (Location: 66 Perry St, New York, NY 10014, USA. As we were staying Chelsea, we took a quick 15 minute walk over the Greenich Village to hunt down Bradshaw! Just kidding- we didn't find her, but it was seriously one of my favourite NYC spots. It really does feel like your in a quaint little village (with a Micheal Kors and Gucci on the corner, as you do), away from all the tourists and living amongst the real New Yorkers.

Take a nice stroll around, grab some lunch and take a look at all the dreamy apartments with the infamous stoops! Be sure to visit Chelsea Market for great little stalls and food, The Grey Dog for lunch, & the Sex Museum for giggles.

Times Square
Manhattan, NY 10036, USA
An NYC visit wouldn't be complete without a visit to Times Square now would it! In all honesty, I find spots like this very over welcoming and dare I say a bit over rated? If you enjoy the hustle and bustle of a city then this is your dream spot, but for those who enjoy a less touristy destinations I'd say head out of the city centre to avoid the crowds.

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