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Last weekend we decided to spend our Sunday afternoon in one of my most favourite Singapore spots- The Botanic Gardens. If you love a bit of greenery then this is the place for you! Not to mention it's an amazing location for taking a good instagram ;) 

The best part about the Botanic Gardens is the amount of wildlife that you're guaranteed to see there. Monitor Lizards, Turtles and all types of exotic birds just to name a few! One of my top tips is to pay $5 to enter the Orcid Garden which literally feels like a disney movie set. It's so beautifully colourful inside will all kinds of blooms, and the best part- the Coolhouse! The best looking green house I've ever seen, and the best place for a quick cool down from the humidity. 

Check out my video below to see what we got up to there when I vlogged our recent visit!

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