The Best Protective iPhone Case

1. Pitaka Cases

Top Choice by EverythingApplePro, Unbox Therapy

  • Lightest Phone Case - Less than 10g
  • 5 Times Stronger than Steel
  • Wireless Charging Support

2. UAG Cases

  • Strong body
  • Tested on USA army tests
  • Big footprint

As we want our iPhones to actively participate in whatever we do (and let’s face it: sometimes we do crazy things), they need to be provided with proper protection.

Today we will review some protective carbon fiber iPhone cases and even bulletproof iPhone cases that promise buyers to keep their devices safe and sound.

1. Pitaka Case

Let’s have our list in reverse order and name the winner right away: it’s the Pitaka iPhone case. We have tried and tested a lot of protective iPhone cases, but Pitaka is just beyond comparison. And here is why.

  • Pitaka mimics carbon fiber phone cases but it’s actually made of Kevlar, a very strong synthetic fiber that is well-known as a component of military body armor that makes it bulletproof.
  • Pitaka provides excellent everyday protection while being slim, light, and thin. Once you put the Pitaka case on, you will hardly even notice it’s there.
  • For the front protection of your display, there is a 0.33mm Pitaka iPhone X tempered glass that provides extreme scratch protection but doesn’t affect the screen responsiveness at all.

If you still have some doubts about paying for this bulletproof iPhone case, search for other Pitaka case reviews to see that the only thing most of the buyers regret is investing in other cases.

2. UAG case

Most of the UAG cases make your iPhone look like either a toy or a weapon. While being mistaken for a weapon can prolong your iPhone life as fewer people will want to touch it, being mistaken for a toy can make it an easy target for children.

However, five protective layers of the UAG phone case are meant to keep your iPhone unharmed even if a kid accidentally or deliberately drops it.

The UAG cases have a metallic look but they are actually made of plastic, so don’t be surprised when you will be unpacking it. On the bright side, this carbon fiber iPhone case won’t weigh you down.

3. RhinoShield case

If you don’t mind adding a small amount of bulk to your phone, consider a RhinoShield bumper case to be your device protector. The company recently created a new polymer blend that provides improved impact-absorbing capabilities as well as enhances your grip.

As it’s seen from multiple RhinoShield phone case reviews that you can find online, its protective capabilities are somewhat controversial. Some people state that the RhinoShield case made their iPhones indestructible while others complain it didn’t survive a chest-height drop test.

Almost all agree that the RhinoShield Play Proof case adds quite a bit of width to the phone that makes it hard to hold and operate the device with one hand.

4. Otterbox cases

Otterbox Defender case is quite bulky and it isn’t something that you can fit into your pocket but at least you can be sure that your iPhone is protected. With such a rugged design there also might be some difficulties to use the phone as the buttons are hard to press.

The first thing you will notice about the Otterbox Symmetry case is it’s crystal clear back which is going to show the phone itself. This case was made of a hard plastic that feels a little bit more sturdy than other clear cases.

The Otterbox Commuter case comes in two pieces: a synthetic slipcover that is thick and flexible and a very hard polycarbonate case. The slipcover is meant to be put first and then covered with a sturdy polycarbonate case for double protection. As you put this case on, you will definitely feel the bulkiness of it.

The pricing of the Otterbox phone cases is pretty steep and unlike the Pitaka cases, Otterbox cases don’t come with screen protectors, meaning you will have to spend even more money on tempered glass.

5. Spigen case

The Spigen iPhone cases are much more affordable than Otterbox cases with an average price of $20.

The Spigen Tough Armor case looks a bit futuristic and has a smooth matt finish that feels really nice to hold. It also has a kickstand to keep the phone upright unaided.


As you can see, there are many great products that are meant to protect your investment from daily drops as well as from 40ft falls.

Each of them has its own pros and cons so feel free to try them all. Our personal pick is Pitaka cases as it’s maybe the thinnest protective bulletproof iPhone case that we have ever tried.

It doesn’t make your phone any bigger but provides excellent protection. If you are looking for the best possible carbon fiber iPhone case that is not only shockingly thin and impressively durable but is also best value for money, opt for the Pitaka case.